Trivial typo:

"packets in it’s buffer" ->

"packets in its buffer"

The sentence starting with "Although, it’s simple to enhance TCP" seems to have some missing words. Plus, you need to be consistent in your use of "space" vs. "layer".

Other than these minor details, this was a very clear explanation.

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hey the labels on the steps of tcp handshake above are off...

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Not to be pedantic, but your TCP 3 way handshake picture shows the SYN-ACK before the ACK. But then describes it correctly in the paragraph below it.

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"It [TCP] guarantees delivery of all the packets from one device to another"

This is untrue. There is no concept of packets here. In my experience programming servers and clients the only thing that is true is any bytes received on one side is guaranteed to be in the same order as it was sent. It might still not be all the bytes, or even at the same time.

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